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Hero Honda Pleasure
Price Range : Rs. 40,000 - 40,000

Hero Honda Pleasure

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Hero Honda Pleasure – The ride of Pleasure you deserve!

Estimated price - Rs. 39,000 to 42,664

Brief Introduction:

In India there are a number of companies that are manufacturing two wheeler motor bikes but the leading one among all these manufacturers is Hero Honda. Two wheelers are classified into several categories by the Hero Honda some of these categories includes bikes, mopeds, scooters and bicycles.

About Pleasure:

The latest master piece from the house of Hero Honda is the Hero Honda Pleasure . It is classified under the category of the scooters, it is quite true that the scooters cannot be having as much speed as that of a motor bike and at the same time there are a few things the scooter can offer to its user but a motor bike cannot. Among these benefits the most important one is the cost efficiency of a scooter that is a scooter is much cheaper than that of a motor bike and that is a big positive point because in today’s age of high inflation everyone is looking for cheaper alternatives.

Users of Hero Honda Pleasure :

The Hero Honda Company Limited designed Hero Honda Pleasure by keeping in mind each and every age group and also both types of genders. Motors bikes are comparatively difficult to ride on by the girls or the female gender and along with that even the old age men cannot ride the motor bikes therefore Hero Honda decided to design such a vehicle that can be convenient equally for both genders and which can be easy to ride on by the people of each and every age group and the result was the birth a work of art that is the Hero Honda Pleasure .


The Hero Honda Pleasure is designed in such a way that it attracts the rider in the first time and that is because of the structure of the body. The designer of the Hero Honda Pleasure has given it such a beautiful look that it is liked equally by both guys and girls because the reason that designer have provided it with a manly and at same time a feminine touch. However, the design is mostly liked by girls and is therefore widely sold by targeting the females specially. The main idea behind its designing was to keep the price of the Hero Honda Pleasure low but give the common people of India such a dream ride that they could have imagined and they have been quit successful in achieving this target.


Hero Honda Pleasure was introduced in the year 2006 in the Indian market and ever since than it has been reaching new heights as far as the sales are concerned and that is mainly because of the special specification that Hero Honda Pleasure has got. Like any other scooter Hero Honda Pleasure is also gearless and the capacity of the engine ranges from 47cc to 125cc. Hero Honda Pleasure is powered by a four stroke engine cylinder that gives the boost and energy to the engine and gives the scooter a top speed of 77 kilometer per hour. The engine of Hero Honda Pleasure is also supported by an air cooling system that starts working automatically whenever it is required and the ignition system of the scooter is based on the CDI. The fuel tank of Pleasure is capable of holding up to 5 liters of any kind of fuel necessary for the running of the scooter. The space provided in this scooter is comparatively more than that of any other scooter. The engine can only run on petrol as no other alternative fuel is being provided by the manufacture and it is also considered that it is one of the most economic scooters as Hero Honda Pleasure is capable of 55 kilometers in just one liter of petrol, therefore it is also considered as highly fuel efficient as well.


The price of the Hero Honda Pleasure varies in the different cities of India. The price of the normal version of Hero Honda Pleasure ranges from Rs. 38,500 to 42,136. The range of the special edition prices are comparatively higher to that of the normal edition that is its prices ranges from Rs. 39,000 to 42,664.


There are a number of colors that are available in the Hero Honda Pleasure some of which are as follows:

  • Orange
  • Grayish silver
  • Sea- green
  • Mauve


Hero Honda Pleasure

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